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There’s not much official information online as to how to get AS Roma tickets. The only important piece of information coming from an official channel, namely the AS Roma official site, regarding AS Roma tickets is the fact that they can be bought quite easily offline. The Stadio Olimpico is a very large venue and other than for very important matches (AS Roma – Lazio, AS Roma – Juventus, AS Roma – Inter, AS Roma – AC Milan, etc.) it is rarely sold out.

There are ticket offices outside the Olimpico where they sell AS Roma tickets hours before the game. Prices are listed in Euros per each section so it should be fairly easy.

You can also buy AS Roma tickets from various venues spread across Rome. Tickets are officially sold through the Lottomatica chain of sports betting stores as well as through Ricevitorie, which are the lottery’s selling points. A full list of Ricevitorie’s that sell AS Roma tickets can be found here.

As with any other Italian team, you can also get AS Roma tickets by speaking to your hotel. They are usually able to get some for you at fair prices above nominal value. It is better to call your hotel before making the trip to see if they can really to that. This option should be used to get tickets for more important matches (derbies, European matches) rather than regular Serie A matches.

Here’s a seating map of Stadio Olimpico:

Stadio Olimpico Roma Map

Stadio Olimpico Roma Seating Map

Online – Ticket Exchanges

Buying AS Roma tickets from online ticket exchanges will prove to be slightly more expensive but also much easier.

There are many specialized sites that sell AS Roma tickets online. These websites have basically replaced offline scalpers, offering both a better stock of soccer tickets and a marketplace where the supply and demand of tickets meet. They are also legitimate businesses with safe methods in place for online ordering.


WorldTicketShop is one of our favorite websites. They are a company that buys and sells tickets to many events, including AS Roma tickets. Here’s a summary of the AS Roma tickets they currently have for sale:

Match Price (GBP) Date

They ship internationally at reasonable rates. Refunds are offered if matches get cancelled for any particular reason. They also offer a 120% refund in case they fail to deliver your tickets on time and you miss the match.

Sports Events 365

In case you didn’t find the ticket you were looking for on WorldTicketShop, I’d suggest you look for it on Sports Events 365. It is an online ticket reseller with quite a varied offer when it comes to Serie A tickets. To see the whole inventory of AS Roma tickets, click here..


SeatWave is a UK based company with an objective similar to those already mentioned here: buying and selling soccer tickets. Their most important quality is the fact that while WorldTicketShop is running out of stock quite fast and provide tickets mostly only for more important matches, SeatWave has plenty of stock, even a couple of days before the match and they also cover more obscure soccer matches and teams. Click here to check out their full stock of AS Roma tickets.


Viagogo is Europe’s largest ticket exchange and basically StubHub’s European equivalent. You can check their AS Roma stock here.

This concludes our article. We hope you found this useful. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you’d like to make any corrections/additions to this. You can also post any information related to AS Roma tickets as a comment to this article. Any information you can provide that proves useful will greatly enhance the value of this resource for other people that are looking for AS Roma tickets. Thank you.

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  • Comment by Freddy

    Hey thx so much for the information. I will be traveling to Rome in the beginning of May and was hoping to go to the Roma vs AC Milan game. Much appreciated!

  • Comment by admin

    You’re welcome. Enjoy the trip & match!

  • Comment by Freddy

    Hey I wanted to get your opinion on this. As you know I want to go to the Milan vs Roma game. That is a big game so am wondering what would be best to do. Do you think I should buy online before going in case they are sold out, or do you think there will be tix available when I get to Rome at a cheaper price than they are being offered online?

  • Comment by admin

    There will probably be tickets available in Rome but since it will be an important match for both teams – Roma looking for a Champions League spot and Milan looking to win the title – your safest bet would be to buy online. I checked all of our online sources for you – Viagogo, Seatwave, WorldTicketShop and Sports Events 365 – and it looks like the cheapest tickets are at Viagogo, starting at 68 US dollars. You’d be better off buying online in this case.

  • Comment by Freddy

    Perfect. Thank you for the help and advice. I will buy them online. Take care.

  • Comment by Tim

    Can I get Roma tickets for their game in the europa league qualifier against Slovan Bratislava?

  • Comment by admin

    Hi Tim,

    There are tickets for the first leg of the qualifier to be played in Rome on Sports Events 365:

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Comment by Abigail

    I am hoping to buy tickets for the Roma v Inter match on 5th Feb 2012. Do you think they will have availablily on the day?

  • Comment by admin

    Hello Abigail,

    Given the state both teams are in and the size of Olimpico I don’t think they will sell out so most likely yes, they will. But there’s always some risk in waiting. The final decision is yours.

    Have a great trip!

  • Comment by Sam

    Looking into ordering roma v. lazio tickets through Viagogo. Will our names be on the tickets or the original purchaser, and if so can we get them changed as to not encounter problems when entering the stadium?

  • Comment by admin

    Your names won’t be on the tickets. You’re basically buying tickets from someone else. Viagogo guarantees that the tickets you’ll buy will get you inside the match, otherwise you can ask for your money back or other tickets in due time. Here’s from their site:

    “Buyers: Once you have placed your order and we have successfully taken payment, we guarantee we will provide similar or better tickets than the tickets you have ordered or a full refund if any problem arises. If you have an issue with your ticket order please Contact Us immediately to allow us to resolve the issue on your behalf. “

  • Comment by Christos

    Hello to everyone!!!
    I am from Greece and i am coming to Rome at 01/03/2012. I am fan of AS Roma since i was a child. I want to watch As Roma playing with Ss lazio at 04/03/2012 at Olimpico. I would like to ask you if i will find tickets when I arrive to Rome or there is not any chance, I mean that will all the tickets be sold out?
    I am trying to buy a ticket from the official site of AS Roma but in the game with Ss lazio there is not the option “Buy Tickets” as it exists on the other games, but there is an asterisk. What does it mean? Is it possible that the game will not take place? I hope not. Excuse me for my bad ιtalian. I translated the text in google.

  • Comment by admin

    Hi Christos,

    The asterisk from the site refers to kick-off time and it means that kick-off time displayed is an estimate and not definitive. The game will definitely take place bar some exceptional event affecting it.

    If there’s any Roma match that might get sold out it’s this one. I’d say it’s best to get your tickets in advance. They don’t have them on the site, you could wait but I doubt they’ll show up. You may want to check out ticket brokers and compare prices, find an offer that suits you. Also, if you stay at a hotel call them and ask them if they can get tickets for you.

    Have a great trip!

  • Comment by Christos

    Where should I go and what should I do in order to find and buy tickets?
    Please help me…
    I am going to visit for the first time in my life Rome.I dont want to lose this game.

  • Comment by admin

    Check the article above right under the Olimpico seating map. By the looks of it, all ticket brokers mentioned in it – WorldTicketShop, Sports Events 365 and SeatWave – carry tickets for this match except Viagogo. Also, Google ‘roma lazio tickets’ and you’ll find even more ticket offers for this match. Compare between prices and seating arrangements to find what you need.

  • Comment by jojo

    Regarding la Tessera del Tifoso. I understand this does not apply to foreigners i.e., people visiting the city who are not residents of Italy and would like to see a game? Thank you!

  • Comment by admin

    Hi Jojo,


    Also, as I understood from a news item reported by Football Italia, the Tessera will be ditched starting next season (2012-2013) in favour of individual club cards.

  • Comment by jojo

    Yes I also read this. Just wanted to make that comment as I did not see information regarding la Tessera. I called the As Roma Store on Via Appia and they confirmed that foreigners wanting to see a Roma game are able to buy if they are in Possession of foreign documentation i.e., Passport.

    Thank you

  • Comment by admin

    Thanks to you too jojo for providing extra information for readers.

    All the best!

  • Comment by Karl

    The official way online!

  • Comment by Kieran

    Looking for info on purchasing tickets for the Lazio game. They are not available online. I get to Rome only 2 days before the game, and am trying to avoid Viagogo prices.

  • Comment by admin

    Sorry for the late reply as I’ve been away. I assume my answer will be in vain but anyway, have you tried or any of the offline options / hotel inquiry, etc.? It would be great if you could let us know.


  • Comment by Danielle


    I am going to Italy in May, and would like to get tickets to the Chievo game.

    When I went to Rome last season, I paid 30 Euro for a ticket in Monte Mario 3BD, from a (physical) list ticket outlet called Interclub, for one ticket. When I check listicket’s website for similar tickets to the Chievo game, prices 73 Euro. Have ticket prices gone up, or are physical listicket outlets cheaper than the online site?

    Thanks for the info!

  • Comment by admin

    Offline is usually cheaper + websites usually change prices dynamically based on various algorithms.

    Enjoy the game!

  • Comment by Rob

    I think the answer to this question is “just go to the AS Roma store and get them” but wanted to confirm. Napoli game oct 20. Surely that won’t sell out. I can just go to the store the day before and get tickets, right? Any recommendations about where to sit? Thx. Rob.

  • Comment by admin

    Mostly yes. But there’s a slight chance one might get left out and thus the alternatives.

    Depends what you want. For athmosphere, you should sit with the Roma ultras. Else, just choose the mid section of Tribuna Monte Mario or Tribuna Tevere Centrale.

  • Comment by Roy

    Hi, thanks for the information. it looks like viagogo is some of the best choices buy i had some bad experience with them.. just to let u know. My tickets arrived at the last minute.

  • Comment by admin

    Hello Roy,

    Thanks for letting us know. Surely your comment is useful for future buyers.

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