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Chelsea tickets for home matches (both Chelsea Champions League tickets and Chelsea Premier League tickets) go on general sale about 4 weeks before kickoff time. The sales process goes like this:

1. First week – the tickets are offered to members only.
2. Second week – members and season ticket holders can buy two extra Chelsea tickets
3. Third & fourth week – if there are any tickets left, then they will go on general sale for non-members.

Most Chelsea tickets are sold out in the first two weeks to members and season ticket holders and never go on general sale, according to the club’s official site. And if they do, they are £5 more expensive for non-members than for members for adults and £2.50 more expensive to non-members than for members for children and senior citizens. To become a Chelsea member, check their official site for full details.

Chelsea tickets are sold through the official website (95% of them) or at the box office to callers and via a call center on (+44) 0871 984 1905 (the rest) for members and season ticket holders. For non-members, in case of a general sale, tickets can only be bought through the official site or the box office.

The box office schedule is the following (GMT times):

Monday to Friday: 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Saturday (non-matchday): 10:00 AM – 02:00 PM
Sunday (non-matchday): closed
Matchdays: 09:00 AM – half-time

And the call center schedule (GMT times):
Monday to Friday: 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Matchday Evening: 09:00 AM – kickoff
1st day of sale: 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 02:00 PM
Matchday Saturday: 09:00 AM – kickoff
Sunday: closed
Matchday Sunday: 10:00 AM – kickoff

You can pay by debit/credit card or by check at the box office. Cash payments aren’t accepted for general ticket sales.

Chelsea tickets go on sale at 07:00 AM on the Internet and at 09:00 AM at the box office.

Another way to get yourself some Chelsea tickets is to buy a Chelsea Match Break package from Thomas Cook Sport, which includes match tickets, stadium tours, a match day programme and at least one night of accommodation. It’s a valid option for foreign fans.

As for away Premier League Chelsea tickets, season ticket holders and Chelsea members get first dibs on them (as they do most tickets, the procedure is similar to the one for home Chelsea tickets; same goes for Champions League Chelsea tickets, FA Cup Chelsea tickets and League Cup Chelsea tickets), except for away tickets to a few smaller Premiership teams that go straight to general sale! Not too shabby I’d say.

Be wary when buying Chelsea tickets of seats with restricted views that are placed in the following areas:
• Matthew Harding Lower Tier
• East Stand Upper Tier
• Shed Upper Tier

The club is offering various discounts for such tickets through the official site. Also keep these stadium areas in mind when trying to purchase a Chelsea ticket through online ticket exchanges.

Online – Ticket Exchanges

Buying Chelsea tickets online through ticket exchanges is easier, but a bit more expensive.

There are several websites that focus on selling Chelsea tickets on the Internet. These websites have replaced offline scalpers, offering both a much more varied ticketing offer and a marketplace where ticket supply and demand meet in order to better price the underlying product, namely soccer tickets. They are also legitimate businesses with safe methods in place for online ordering.


WorldTicketShop is one of the biggest places. They are a Dutch company that brokers tickets to various events, including Chelsea tickets. Here’s a summary of the Chelsea tickets they currently have for sale:

Match Price (GBP) Date

They ship internationally at reasonable rates. Refunds are offered if matches get cancelled for any particular reason. They also offer a 120% refund in case they fail to deliver your tickets on time and you miss the match.


SeatWave is a UK company with an objective similar to those already mentioned here: buying and selling soccer tickets. Their most important quality though is the fact that while WorldTicketShop is running out of stock quite fast and provide tickets usually only for the more important matches, SeatWave has plenty of stock, even a couple of days before the match and they also cover more obscure soccer matches and teams. Click here to check out their full stock of Chelsea tickets.


StubHub is an American ticket exchange where users can buy and sell tickets freely, by event, in their online marketplace. It is an excellent alternative for Chelsea matches played in the United States, especially the summer friendlies, and also for US based Chelsea fans. To check their Chelsea tickets, click here.


Viagogo is Europe’s largest ticket exchange and basically StubHub’s European equivalent. They are also Chelsea’s official online ticketing partner. You can check their Chelsea stock here.

This concludes our article. We hope you found this useful. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you’d like to make any corrections/additions to this. You can also post any information related to Chelsea tickets as a comment to this article. Any information you can provide that proves useful will greatly enhance the value of this resource for other people that are looking for Chelsea tickets. Thank you.

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  • Comment by Vanessa

    Thank you so much for this!! I’m coming to London from South Australia in April and my boyfriend is a diehard fan but I had no idea how to guarantee tickets. So helpful :)

  • Comment by admin

    I’m glad I could be of some help.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Comment by ManKSA


    Thank you so much for this information

    To buy 3 tickets near & in the same line

    what is the best way to get them for Chelsea matches?

  • Comment by admin


    Ticket resellers usually guarantee that if you buy two or three tickets you’ll be seated together. For example, check out the WorldTicketShop tickets for Chelsea vs. Arsenal this month. Under the interactive seating map they have this:
    “The category used by Worldticketshop may not always be the same as the category used by the organiser of the event. Note: Exact row and seat numbers are not known beforehand. Seats are guaranteed in twos or threes.”

    As for Viagogo, they have this in their FAQ:
    “Are seats together?
    Sellers listing more than 1 ticket have to offer seats together – so they will be consecutive seat numbers.”

    Still, it is safe to check so if you’re going to opt to buy your Chelsea tickets from somewhere else do inquire beforehand.

    Hope this helps.

  • Comment by Henrik

    Dont ever buy from ticketworldshop, unless you want to be ripped off, or even not getting tickets, read online review om them and you will get the picture!.Seriously how can you support them!?.

  • Comment by admin

    Hi Henrik,

    They’re brokering tickets between you and the seller. They’re not selling straight to you. But it would be best to share your experience so others can make an informed opinion.


  • Comment by Julia

    Hi. I am planning on buying tickets to the upcoming Chelsea-Napoli Champions League match. I will going with a friend, who is Italian. Will this be a problem? Will they check his ID when entering the stadium? From what I understand, Italian citizens are not allowed into the stadium – well, other than in the specific section for the away team (which is MUCH more expensive and I cannot find tickets for anyway).

    Any advice or tips would be very appreciated!!!

    Thank you!

  • Comment by admin

    Hello Julia,

    I checked myself multiple ticket sellers and looks like you’re right. It’d be best to take the safe route here.

    Have a great trip!

  • Comment by luca

    Hi, im Italian
    my english friend bought for me a ticket for the chelsea-naples macth in the SHED LOWER.
    Can i entry??? or the will ask my the ID and denied the entry???
    thanks for your time

  • Comment by admin

    Hi Luca,

    Just done some research and the Shed End appears to be reserved for Napoli fans so you should be fine.

    Enjoy the trip!

  • Comment by luca

    HI ,
    thanks for the answer im looking everywhere but i cant find any answer!!! could you suggest me some link??? anyway i think the SHED LOWER are not fir the napolitan!!!
    HELP im so confuse!!!


  • Comment by admin

    Hi Luca,
    “Since 2005 it has been where away supporters are housed”
    Post #2:
    “The Napoli fans will be in The Shed if you want to be near them but don’t dance about if they score ;)

    Also, The Chelsea ticketing policy mentions that away fans are seated in the shed:,,10268~167603,00.doc

  • Comment by luca

    thanks for the link but the shed lower is divided in two sections, one for the visitors one for chelsea people!! eventhough my friend bought the ticket in london at the beginning of the month, at that time napolitan ticket were not is sale yet.
    do u have any other link that explain if u that allow me to go in even if im napolitan holdin a chelsea ticket???
    thanks for your patience

  • Comment by admin

    Hmm… that’s all I got unfortunately.

    Use this form:

    Send me the ticket details through it and I’ll get back to you.

  • Comment by admin

    Here’s a seating map with the away section:

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