Where Can I Sell My Soccer Tickets Online?

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So you’ve got a bunch of soccer tickets from a corporate event or a friend gave them to you or you just happened to stumble upon them in the bus (never happens, does it?)? Well, this page should be quite helpful to you as we’re going to feature some of the ways you can sell your soccer tickets online.

There are two main methods you can use to sell your soccer tickets online: through a ticket broker/reseller or through an auction site.

Selling Your Soccer Tickets Through An Online Ticket Broker/Reseller

There are quite a lot of ticket resellers you can use to sell your soccer tickets out there, yet we suggest you give the few of them we’re going to cover here a shot because they are some of the best when it comes to selling soccer tickets:


You can also sell tickets on Seatwave. They have the most transparent process of all featured brokers when it comes to selling tickets and that’s why we put them on top. You can use this page here to sell your soccer tickets. You can then either send them using UPS or Royal Mail in the UK or upload them if they are e-tickets. Their success fee is public and amounts to 10% of price.


WorldTicketShop is a Dutch online ticket broker. You can list your tickets for sale with them at a price determined by yourself alone and only the demand for your tickets will decide whether they’ll sell or not. As for other advantages they offer:

* a courier will automatically come to pick up your tickets; you won’t need to make a trip to ship them
* payments are made twice a month to sellers, so you’re bound to get your cash quite fast
* they have multiple sites in various European countries and your listing will be on all of them in local language

On the downside, they won’t specify they’re cut of the share. I guess you’ll need to register with them and find out. For more, check out this page on their site.

Sports Events 365

Sports Events 365 is another reputable source of online soccer tickets. Unfortunately, the don’t offer too much public information related to selling tickets on their site but they do provide a form for you to complete and they’ll get right back to you with an answer.


As of this moment, Viagogo is considered to be the largest ticket reseller in Europe. They offer no listing fees, you can re-list your soccer tickets as often as you’d like, they guarantee payment in one week and they’ll take care of customer service on they buyer’s side so that you won’t have to. Here’s their page on selling tickets.


StubHub is the largest ticket reseller in North America so if you’ve got some tickets to sell to soccer matches in North America you may want to list them here. You can set your own price and they’ll handle everything else. Here’s their section on selling tickets.

Selling Your Soccer Tickets Through An Auction Site

You can also post your tickets on eBay or a local auction site that’s popular in your area. You may or may not get a better price using this method but there are a couple of downsides you need to take into consideration: some auction sites charge a listing fee and a reserve fee, others offer restricted payment options and at all times you’ll have to fully deal with the buyer and in case he’s not happy he might leave negative feedback on your account despite your wonderful service.

I believe the methods and sites listed above are more than enough for you to get a good price on your soccer tickets. Good luck!

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