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Sales for Liverpool tickets related to Premiership home games begin 18 days before a fixture (also known as date of sale) and are available through a credit card hotline, by postal application and through an online sale. The exact sale date is subject to chance; as for the buying methods, we’ll cover them in detail below.

For each game, Liverpool sets aside 500 tickets that are available through an online sale opened only for the members of Liverpool’s e-Season website. Other than this exclusive right, for a monthly/anual membership fee to the e-Season website you will also get access to:

• watching Liverpool’s tv channel online
• Liverpool’s goals and highlights on demand
• access to exclusive interviews and press conferences
• and more.

But let’s get back to Liverpool tickets. Those 500 tickets will be distributed to e-Season ticket holders through an online ballot. You can apply for two Liverpool tickets at most. That is the good news; the bad news is that for the home matches against Manchester United and Everton you must prove a previous attendance in order to participate in the ballot. Fans will be informed by the club by e-mail 24 hours after the ballot ends whether their application for Liverpool tickets was successful or not. You can also check the success of your application online.

Liverpool tickets are also available through an online general sale. Although they do state that the number of tickets they offer is extremely limited, you can check up on any available tickets on this page.

The credit card hotline is available from the first date of sale (18 days before a fixture) at 08:30 a.m. Through the credit card hotline you can get a maximum of 4 Liverpool tickets and they’ll also charge you an extra booking fee of 50p per ticket. They’ll ship the tickets that are booked more than 3 days in advance and you will have to pick up the tickets that are booked less than 3 days in advance from the main ticket office by showing the credit card you’ve applied with; in case you buy from abroad, do book several extra days in advance in case you’d like to get your tickets by post as you can’t always rely on your local post office. If a game is sold out, ticket returns will be sold 3 days before kickoff time on the hotline. The credit card hotline numbers are: 0844 844 0844 (UK) & 00 44 (0) 870 220 2151 (Non UK only).

For postal applications to Liverpool tickets, you must use their ticket application form available here. You must also include a stamped address envelope or an International Return Envelope. You can apply by post only 18 days before the kickoff time of the match you’re interested in.

You’ll also need to send a check payable to Liverpool Football Club to:

Liverpool Football Club Ticket Office
PO Box 204
L69 4PQ

, with the amount of the check blank. You can also include your debit/credit card details as an alternative: number, expiry, issue number and address. Do state the game for which you’re applying and where you’d like to stand. The club doesn’t guarantee availability and in case the demand exceeds the supply of tickets through this method they’ll use a ballot system.

Another method to apply for tickets is through a personal application at the stadium’s ticket office. These applications can be made 11 days before a fixture at the earliest. You’d be better off calling the club’s 24 hour information line at 0844 844 0844 (UK) & 00 44 (0) 870 220 2151 (Non UK only) before giving this a try as many matches might be sold off by then.

As for other types of tickets:

Liverpool away tickets for Premier League matches – Season Ticket holders have priority for these tickets based on previous attendance and only if they don’t sell out the tickets to this group there’ll be a general sale (this is an extremely rare occurrence though).

Liverpool tickets for European fixtures – the club is selling the home tickets for these matches based on attendance of previous rounds. As for away tickets, you must be a Liverpool Member in order to get them (membership information here. You can apply for away tickets by filling in this form and sending it by post.

Liverpool FA Cup tickets / Liverpool League Cup tickets – these tickets are also sold to Members (membership information here) based on attendance in previous rounds

Ticket Office Schedule

Here’s the schedule of Liverpool’s Ticket Office:

Monday – Friday 08:15 AM – 05:30 PM
Saturday 09:15 AM – 01:00 PM
Sunday Closed

Phone lines open at 08:30 AM from Monday to Friday and at 09:15 AM during weekends.

Ticket Office Contact Information

In case you have any other questions related to Liverpool tickets, you can also contact the Ticket Office through the following methods:

Fax: +44 (0) 151 261 1416


Liverpool Football Club
Ticket Office
PO box 204
L69 4PQ

Online – Ticket Exchanges

It is much easier to buy Liverpool tickets online through ticket exchanges, but they do come at a slightly more expensive price.

On the Internet, there are a couple of specialized ticket exchange websites that sell Liverpool tickets. These websites are basically the modern form of scalpers and they do offer both a wider range of tickets and a meeting place for ticket supply and demand so that tickets are much better priced compared to the unofficial offline alternatives. They are also legitimate businesses with safe methods in place for online ordering.


Out of all online ticketing alternatives, we like WorldTicketShop the most. They are a Dutch company that buys and sells tickets to many events, including Liverpool tickets. Here’s a summary of the Liverpool tickets they currently have for sale:

Match Price (GBP) Date

They ship internationally at reasonable rates. Refunds are offered if matches get cancelled for any particular reason. They also offer a 120% refund in case they fail to deliver your tickets on time and you miss the match.


SeatWave is a UK company with a purpose similar to those already mentioned here: buying and selling soccer tickets. Their most important feature though is the fact that while WorldTicketShop is running out of stock quite fast and provide tickets usually only for the more important matches, SeatWave has plenty of stock, even a couple of days before the match and they also cover more obscure soccer matches and teams. Click here to check out their full stock of Liverpool tickets.


StubHub is an American ticket exchange where users can buy and sell tickets freely, by event, in their online marketplace. It is an excellent alternative for Liverpool matches played in the United States, especially summer friendlies, and also for US based Liverpool fans. To check their Liverpool tickets, click here.

This basically concludes our article. We hope you found this useful. We’re not perfect so don’t hesitate to contact us in case you’d like to make any corrections/additions to this. You can also post any information related to Liverpool tickets as a comment to this article. Any information you can provide that proves useful will greatly enhance the value of this resource for other people that are looking for Liverpool tickets. Thank you.

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