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There’s not much information on Juventus’ official site on how to get Juventus tickets. They’re more concerned with showing the interested visitor pieces of Italian law regarding security, accreditation, video streams and other such nonsense. As for the remaining valuable information, they do inform us that you can buy Juventus tickets online from the official site where they have a special section with dates of sale for each fixture. Judging by the fixtures available right now, online sales of Juventus tickets happen two days before kickoff time, from 07:00 to 24:00 CET. The club uses LisTicket.it to sell the tickets (don’t worry; they do have an English version as well – look for it on the top right corner of the website).

Juventus tickets for home matches are also sold in authorized LIS points of sale spread around Italy. You can see a full map of them here.

An other option for those interested in Juventus tickets is buying them through a call center. Here’s the call center schedule and phone number:

Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 13:00, 14:00 to 16:00

Telephone number (from Italy): 199-109783

Telephone number (from abroad): +39063700106

In case you purchase Juventus tickets online or through the call center, you will collect them from the stadium 2 hours before kickoff. Tickets for the West Side (Tribuna Ovest), Side East Stand (Laterale Est) and both ends of the stadium (Curva Sud & Curva Nord) are available for pickup at the cash point situated on the west side of Corso Agnelli. Tickets for the East Side (Tribuna Est) are available at the East cash point in Corso Sebastopoli. If that confuses you, then don’t worry because they have provided a map of the stadium area and a map of the stadium sections. Some translation is in order: tribuna = stand; est = east; ovest = west; curva = southern & northern stands. Also, the numbers have the following significance: 0 = floor level; 1 = first floor; 2 = second floor; 3 = third floor.

In case you buy Juventus tickets and transfer them to another person, that person must also have a signed letter of transfer from the seller (previous owner of the Juventus tickets) signed by both and a photocopy of the buyers’ identity card. For such issues though, you’d better give them a call at the call center to clear things up right there and then.
In case you change your name by any chance after you bought the Juventus tickets, you must immediately notify the club via their website so they can make the proper changes. Also, when entering the stadium along with your Juventus ticket you must also show the form which proves the name change and which you will receive at the end of the name changing procedure.

For persons with diabilities, attendance is free. If you can prove you need a carer, then the ticket is free for the carer as well. To apply for a Juventus ticket you need to send a request at least 5 days and at most 3 days before the match by e-mail to maniamicheonlus@maniamicheonlus.org or by fax to (+39) 011/5189197. Such tickets are sold on a first come first served basis. Responses will be sent by fax/e-mail (whichever you provided). If accepted, you’ll need to be at the stadiums at least 60 minutes before kickoff as the accreditation will expire 30 minutes before kickoff.

As for persons under 14, free Juventus tickets are available for them as long each is accompanied by a parent or relative (up the the fourth generation) for more than 50% of the matches. Two sections of the stadium have been customized for this aspect: the Family Stand on the West Side and The 1st Level of the East Stand on the East Side. Interested parties should contact the Call Center no later than 2 working days from the match in question. The tickets will be picked up on the day of the match from the stadiums’ cashpoints (using identity cards for both the child and the adult) depending on their location.

Online – Ticket Exchanges

Buying Juventus tickets online through ticket exchanges is much easier, but slightly more expensive.

There are several sites that concentrate their efforts on selling Juventus tickets on the Internet. These sites have replaced offline scalpers, offering both a much more varied ticketing offer and a marketplace where ticket supply and demand meet in order to better price the underlying product, namely soccer tickets. They are also legitimate businesses with safe methods in place for online ordering.


WorldTicketShop is the marketplace we like the most. They are a Dutch company that buys and sells tickets to various events, including Juventus tickets. Here is a summary of the Juventus tickets they currently have for sale:

Match Price (GBP) Date

They ship internationally at fairly reasonable rates. Refunds are offered if matches get canceled for any particular reason. They also offer a 120% refund in case they fail to deliver your tickets on time and you miss the match.

Sports Events 365

Sports Events 365 is an online ticket broker with a good and varied offer. They’ve got many Juventus tickets for various games. If you can’t your ticket on WorldTicketShop, I’d suggest you give this one a look. Check out their Juventus tickets here.


SeatWave is a UK company with an objective similar to those already mentioned here: buying and selling soccer tickets. Their most important quality though is the fact that while WorldTicketShop is running out of stock quite fast and provide tickets usually only for the more important matches, SeatWave has plenty of stock, even a couple of days before the match and they also cover more obscure soccer matches and teams. Click here to check out their full stock of Juventus tickets.


Viagogo is Europe’s largest ticket exchange and basically StubHub’s European equivalent. You can check their Juventus tickets stock here.

This concludes our article. We hope you found this useful. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you’d like to make any corrections/additions to this. You can also post any information related to Juventus tickets as a comment to this article. Any information you can provide that proves useful will greatly enhance the value of this resource for other people that are looking for Juventus tickets. Thank you.

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