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Buying tickets for Espanyol matches is not as complicated a task as for other football teams. However, it should be done ahead of time because there are not a lot of tickets on sale. If you are a member of RCD Espanyol you can buy up to two tickets per game with a 10% discount. The maximum number of tickets that can be purchased per person (member or non-member) is 10.

Ticket prices for matches played by Espanyol in the Cornellà-El Prat stadium vary depending on the rival. Matches are divided into 5 different categories. The highest price is for games where the opponent is Real Madrid (category AA). Then there are matches where the rival is FC Barcelona (A) and then the other teams: categories B, C and D. The lowest prices are for games listed as D. If you enter the club’s website you will see prices for all matches (prices can be modified up to 5 weeks before the match and the exact time and date is not confirmed until around 10 days before the game).

The prices you get to see on Espanyol’s official website are standard rates but there are also reduced rates for children and pensioners. In case of children under 5, they can enter the stadium for free but they will not have an individual seat.

The amount of tickets available to buy for every match is not very large but the new system of ‘Seient Obert’ (Open Seat) means that the amount of available seats is increasing: members who can not go to the stadium for a match give up their seat to the club who puts it on sale for that game.

If you buy tickets for pairs or groups of less than 10 people your providers will try to seat all of you together but this is not guaranteed as it depends on availability. If you go to Espanyol’s stadium as a visiting fan you will have to sit in the area reserved for visiting fans.

Espanyol tickets can be bought using the following distribution channels:

• through the Internet, using the official Espanyol website. It sells tickets 24 hours a day. Tickets go on sale about a month and a half before the game.
• by phone, calling 932 927 700 (from Spain) or +34 932 927 700 (from outside Spain)
• through Servicaixa’s website or buying tickets in person at the terminals of La Caixa (only from Spain).
• through ‘Oficines de Turisme’ (in Catalonia). One of the ‘Oficines de Turisme’ is in Plaça Catalunya, right in the centre of Barcelona.

Espanyol General Ticket Office

You can also buy Espanyol tickets through this office.

Location: ‘Gol Prat’, at the Cornellà-El Prat stadium, near the door of the offices of the stadium (Baix Llobregat Avenue, no. 100, Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona).

Schedule: You can buy or pick up your tickets only on the day of the match, from 10 AM. For special matches such as the Espanyol-Barcelona derby ticket sales are opened 3 days before the match.

Ticket purchases cannot be cancelled once reserved and paid for.

Online Ticket Brokers

One other method of purchasing Espanyol tickets is online through tricket brokers. It is an easier process but a tad more expensive.

There are a couple of ticket brokers that offer Espanyol tickets to the general public. These websites have mostly replaced offline scalpers by offering good online platforms in which secondary ticket demand and supply meet. They also offer safe payment methods.


SpainTicketsOnline is an official agent for RCD Espanyol tickets. They sell tickets for Cornellà-El Prat matches. The prices can sometimes be slightly higher but they have the added convenience that they can be booked in advance and that you can choose the area of ​​the stadium you want to sit in, all of it during an easy and safe process. They also sell packages (tickets + hotel stay). You can have your Espanyol tickets delivered to your hotel free of charge so you will not have to go out of your way to collect them.


WorldTicketShop is one of the better ticket brokers out there. They are based in the Netherlands and they buy and sell tickets to lots of events, amongst them Espanyol tickets. Here are the Espanyol tickets they have in store:

Match Price (GBP) Date

They offer international shipping at decent rates. They will also refund your ticket in case the match gets called off. And they offer a 120% money back guarantee in case they fail to deliver your tickets on time.


SeatWave is a UK based ticket broker. What they specialize in, as far as we could tell, are tickets for more obscure matches. In case you can’t find a proper ticket then they’re worth a shot. Click here to see what RCD Espanyol tickets they have.


Viagogo is Europe’s biggest ticket broker and they offer a decent variety of RCD Espanyol tickets. You can check their Espanyol inventory here.

We end our article here. I hope you enjoyed it and found at least a bit of information that could be of use to you. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to make corrections/additions. You can also post your thoughts on Espanyol tickets as a comment to this article. It would sure help people looking for good Espanyol tickets. Thank you.

Most of this article is a guest article written mostly by the folks at SpainTicketsOnline.

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