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Buying Real Madrid tickets is a tough affair. As is the case with most important clubs on this planet, seats for home games at the Santiago Bernabeu are first filled by season ticket holders, followed by club members and then followed by the holders of “Carnet Madridista”, a fanclub card you must pay for similar to AC Milan’s Cuore Rossonero card and lastly the remaining Real Madrid tickets go on general sale.

You can purchase the “Carnet Madridista” card through the club’s official website. It costs 30 EUR per year and you get a couple of other nice things coming with it such as signed photos and the chance to enter into several competitions with valuable prizes.

As you could figure out yourself based on the above ticket allocation criteria, the tickets that go on general sales are few and usually for the less important home matches. The general sale of Real Madrid tickets occurs at the stadium a couple of days before kickoff time.

There’s also a call center you can call to purchase tickets by phone using your credit/debit card. The call center’s number is (+34) 902 324 324. If you get lucky and buy some tickets, you’ll have to pick them up from Santiago Bernabeu’s Gate 14 on matchday.

Real Madrid tickets are also officially available online through the club’s website. All you have to do is follow this page. On the top right corner of the page there’s a box containing the upcoming fixture and a signed “! Tickets Now Available”. Click on that to order your Real Madrid tickets. You’ll be redirected to ServiCaixa’s site which is one of Real Madrid’s official ticket vendors. You can buy a maximum of 6 Real Madrid tickets this way.

You can also buy Real Madrid tickets straight from the Santiago Bernabeu stadium from the ticket office #44. Tickets are available the day before kickoff from 15:00 to 20:30 Spanish time.

Real Madrid tickets are also sold through the branches of Spain’s La Caixa bank.

Online – Ticket Exchanges

Buying Real Madrid tickets online through ticket exchanges is easier, but a bit more expensive.

There are several specialized websites that sell Real Madrid tickets online. These websites have basically replaced offline scalpers, offering both a much more varied ticketing offer and a marketplace where ticket supply and demand meet in order to better price the underlying product, namely soccer tickets. They are also legitimate businesses with safe methods in place for online ordering.


Out of all alternatives, we like WorldTicketShop the most. They are a company that buys and sells tickets to future events, including Real Madrid tickets. Here’s a summary of the Real Madrid tickets they currently have for sale:

Match Price (GBP) Date

They ship internationally at reasonable rates. Refunds are offered if matches get cancelled for any particular reason. They also offer a 120% refund in case they fail to deliver your tickets on time and you miss the match.


SeatWave is a UK company with a purpose similar to those already mentioned here: buying and selling soccer tickets. Their most important feature though is the fact that while WorldTicketShop is running out of stock quite fast and provide tickets usually only for the more important matches, SeatWave has plenty of stock, even a couple of days before the match and they also cover more obscure soccer matches and teams. Click here to check out their full stock of Real Madrid tickets.


StubHub is an American ticket exchange owned and operated by eBay where users can buy and sell tickets freely, by event, in their online marketplace. It is an excellent alternative for Real Madrid matches played in the United States, especially the summer friendlies, and also for US based Real Madrid fans. To check their Real Madrid tickets, click here.


Viagogo is Europe’s largest ticket exchange and basically StubHub’s European equivalent. They are also Real Madrid’s official online ticketing partner. You can check their Real Madrid stock here.

This concludes our article. We hope you found this useful. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you’d like to make any corrections/additions to this. You can also post any information related to Real Madrid tickets as a comment to this article. Any information you can provide that proves useful will greatly enhance the value of this resource for other people that are looking for Real Madrid tickets. Thank you.

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  • Comment by Arvin Fernandez

    If we buy ticket from Real Madrid website. Where can we claim our ticket? I am from the Philippines and I am leaving for Spain on August 10. I don’t think it is practical for the shop to mail my ticket here in the Philippines. Is it possible for me to get the ticket on the game day instead?

  • Comment by admin

    Hi Arvin,

    If you buy tickets from the official Real Madrid site you’ll basically buy through ServiCaixa, which is the official ticket vendor for Real Madrid. Depending on what tickets you buy, the site will present you with ticket collection options. All such options and the entire process is described in English on this page:

    Hope this helps. Have a great time at the match!

  • Comment by keaton

    hi im planing on watching Real Madid vs Mallorca on 13th of May 2012. My mother is paying for my ticket via credit card. Does that mean i will get one of the first general tickets available. Will i be able to choose where i sit? Im South African btw and my mom wants to buy a ticket now.

  • Comment by admin

    Hi Keaton,

    You should always be able to choose where to sit. I don’t know where you’re buying from but even if you buy through ticket brokers they will ask you to choose your seat during the buying (check-out) process. Of course, seating arrangements will be limited based on ticket availability so it’s very likely you’ll be able to choose from a limited variety of seats.

    Have a happy trip and enjoy the match!

  • Comment by Evie

    Hi. Thanks for your very informative website. I was wondering if you could help me out with an issue. I’m hoping to watch the Real Madrid vs Sporting game on 4/14 but after several attempts on the ServiCaixa’s site, i keep getting a message that they can’t validate my credit card info. I called my bank (BofA) and they said they didn’t even receive notice from ServiCaixa/ about authorizing charge. Any help is MUCH appreciated!

  • Comment by admin

    Hello Evie,

    I’m not familiar with the type of card you have. Also, there may be some issues with the processing company ServiCaixa uses. You may want to give it another shot and if it still doesn’t work then 1. ask your bank if there are any limits for your card that impedes you from making this payment (e.g. transaction amount limits at foreign merchants) 2. ask ServiCaixa if there’s something wrong with their card processing and if it is, how can you pay by avoiding it. Hope this helps.

    Have a great week!

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